Welcome to Letterbox Direct. Reaching over 50,000 homes, businesses and PO Boxes, in the northern and central regions of the Gold Coast every month. Your message will be seen and your message will stand out!

Letterbox Direct is a premium product at an affordable price, It allows your business to reach many hard to get to markets, providing you with a wealth of potential new customers.

Letterbox Direct is a full colour, full gloss, high quality catalogue delivered by Australia Post to all PO Boxes, residences and businesses including the hard to access and potentially highly lucrative gated community sector.

The best news is – Letterbox Direct is outstanding value for money! Through the power of businesses coming together in Letterbox Direct, we offer a limited 28 full pages of content.

Letterbox Direct will also offer a bonus audience with your advertisement featured at no extra charge at www.letterboxdirect.com.au and promoted each month across social media.

To secure your spot, call us now on 55157333. Limited spaces available.

Did you know!

77% of Australians engaged with a catalogue last month alone!*

Advertising in Letterbox Direct makes this engagement work for your business. Investing in a page in our catalogue puts your business in the hands of 1000s of potential new customers, cost-effectively.

  • Full colour, full gloss, full page 240mm X 110mm
  • Stand out and get noticed is the name of the game.
  • Reach entire areas for maximum exposure at a lower cost.
  • Share the investment with other quality advertisers.
  • Distribution through the best in the business, Australia Post.
  • Share the cost of Australia Post delivery with other advertisers.
  • Target your market, increase your response, minimise waste.


of Australians check their letterbox daily

of Australians bring the letterbox advertising they receive with regular
addressed mail into the household

A Premium Product with A Premium Distribution Method! Join the 99% club!

It’s simple really. 99% of Australians check their letterbox daily*. 1% throw their mail away without viewing or opening it*. Where do you want to put your money? Join the 99% club!

While people are receiving less physical mail, engagement remains very high – offering marketers an increasingly uncluttered channel and better cut-through. Normally due to the high cost of using Australia Post it is unattainable to all but the largest of businesses; however Letterbox Direct has made it affordable to everyone through how high volumes and strategic partnerships.

Higher Cut-through

  • Piggy back with the regular addressed mail, and get your message noticed and through the front door!
  • The uncluttered nature of the letterbox provides exceptional cut-through for advertisers.

Unrivalled Reliability

  • Australia Post offers integrity of distribution with a distribution network that is trusted and ensures your message is delivered with a level of reliability and accuracy.

Greater Reach        

  • Reach consumers within a specific postcode or locality.
  • Hit both private and business addresses.
  • Access letterboxes in high income gated communities, high-rise buildings and apartment complexes.
  • Reach the lucrative PO box market as an added bonus.

Weather Proofing

  • Minimising waste in any business is vitally important, agreed? Australia Post delivers into the actual letterbox, there is a far better chance of Letterbox Direct being protected from rain and wind. This ensures the best possible condition of our product when it reaches the consumer’s hands.
  • 1Better Connections: How Letterbox Advertising Engages and Drives Purchasing Behaviour, Australia Post, October 2014

2Better connections: Less clutter, more engagement, Australia Post, July 2014


Why Letterbox Advertising? Do you really understand how crucial the letterbox is to your business?

Letterbox advertising is a tried-and-trusted way of connecting with an audience and driving enquiries and sales. Research * confirms that letterbox advertising continues to deliver on these promises.

Letterbox advertising is popular with recipients. Engagement remains high and letterbox advertising is also effective at influencing people’s purchasing behaviour – leading to recipients to ask for more information about a product or make a purchase.

Letterbox advertising is read in the home. When it comes to the format of this type of advertising, Australians still prefer to receive catalogues, flyers and coupons in their letterbox, as opposed to online.

When do people read letterbox advertising? While some advertising channels can be viewed as intrusive, catalogues can be enjoyed by recipients at a time that suits them.

Letterbox advertising is cost effective and can be targeted to geographical areas.

45% of Australians preferred to receive catalogues and flyers via their mailbox.
Only 24% would prefer to read them online.*




of Australians check their letterbox daily


of Australians brought letterbox adverting straight into the home


of Australians spend at least 20 minutes per week reading catalogues and flyers received in the letterbox


shared letterbox advertising with another family member

read letterbox advertising immediately, another 43% read it later in the evening.

of Australian households receive letterbox advertising

An average of only 8.7 unaddressed mail articles are delivered per household per week

Better Connections: How Letterbox Advertising Engages and Drives Purchasing Behaviour, Australia Post, October 2014. Letterbox Advertising: Connect with more people in more places, Australia Post, February 2015. Better connections: Less clutter, more engagement, Australia Post, July 2014. Value of Paper and Print, “Industry Report 2014”


  • 3 Month Campaign

  • 3 Editions
  • $200 Artwork Fee
  • 1 Payment Instalment
  • Reach 25,000 homes, businesses and PO Boxes each edition

  • 6 Month Campaign

  • 6 Editions
  • FREE Artwork
  • 2 Payment Instalments
  • 10% Discount
  • Reach 25,000 homes, businesses and PO Boxes each edition

  • 12 Month Campaign

  • 12 Editions
  • FREE Artwork
  • 3 Payment Instalments
  • 20% Discount
  • Reach 25,000 homes, businesses and PO Boxes each edition



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07 5515 7333


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